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Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I believe

Dreams- Kristan Booker

Sometimes your dreams are all you have to follow
Don't let anyone tell you they're empty and hollow
Your dreams will keep you and your hopes high
Sometimes your dreams are what will keep you alive
Dreams can be what you have while you're asleep
They also can be what you're aspiring to be
Dreams can be joyous,full of love and care
Or they can be sad and become a nightmare
It's okay to let them put your head in the clouds
But also be sure to keep your feet on the ground
Don't let your dreams go right down the drain
Your dreams can do alot even lead you to fame
Don't give up on your dreams they can come true
All you need is to have faith in your heart and in you
It's so amazing what can happen when you believe
So remember to live your life and to live your dreams

At the moment, dreams are meaning a lot to me. This is because they seem more real than ever. And I don't know why. One that stood out to me was one where I was in a really big fight with most of my closest friends about 3 years ago. And last week (i think, Saturday before mother's day) I saw two of them. One of them was really involved in our fight, more like the leader of our fight (Samantha), and the other one was in it, but with her it was just, more behind the scenes(Danila). And so i was trying to watch a parade, and then sun was in my eyes, and I couldn't see. And just when the music is about to start playing, I hear " Hi Celina." I turned around to see Samantha. Her face red, and wet, and her hair wet, wearing a black sweater. And next to her, smiling is Danila. Danila waves and I feel forced to say hi back to her, but not to Samantha. I even hug Danila. I can't even see Samantha anymore. But while i'm hugging Danila I see Samantha roll her eyes at me, and lift her arms up, as if saying "why?" And I see her cry. Tears in her eyes. And then I'm the one crying, she's the one smiling and just like that, Samantha leaves. Danila Leaves with her, mouthing "I'm sorry."

I wish I could go back and apologize, replace this dream with one of our best memories as friends. Dreams. I'm not letting go.

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