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Friday, June 22, 2012

How about a Welcome back?

Freshman year is over. I've taken tests, I've done much work and i'm so happy i made it through. I'm also so happy i made so many new friends. friends are beautiful, and they inspire us in many ways to keep on living. They introduce you to many things, they can open your eyes, and they can clear your mind. But of course, there's always that person that you can't let go of. her name is Maria. Maria Klimenko and she is just a crazy amazing person and I love her so much and aahhhh she's my best friend lol. I hope she sees this because it would be terribly awesome if she did. I mean, she asked me to update my blog in the first place.  So, to dedicate this blog post to her, i'm going to post the poem I wrote for her.
Surprise, darling.

As I lay in bed, so worn down thin,
I think about how great this day has been.
It's all because of one reason that I want to share
Because the crazy things we do all become a blur.

I thank you for making me happy today
As you do, many times, each in different ways.
I Talk to you all day and I miss you when you're gone,
But I can think our memories from sunset till dawn.

I hope you realize how much you mean to me
Because I just want you to see everything we can be

We can fly to the moon and touch the stars
or sit on a bench and hear strumming guitars.
Or we can travel far away and buy beauties from the florist,
Or complete our dream and go to our forest.

But after all, so alike are our minds,
they make me think we are intertwined.

Yes, of course, I mentioned intertwining,
because you and I can be so grand and outshining.

I hope we can go on mountains to leap
because our friendship is beautifully deep
I love you so much, I hope you understand,
because we can be so rich, without cash in our hands.