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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Found poem

***************CHANGING THE TIMES***************

A great american
Symbolic shadow
Light of hope
Joyous daybreak
Long night of captivity

The life
Crippled by the manacles of segregation
and the chains of discrimination

Island of poverty
vast ocean of material prosperity

Our republic
The magnificent
A promise
rights of life
pursuit of hapiness

Justice is bankrupt
great vaults of opportunity

Hallowed spot to remind America

Time to change

Luxury xooling
Tranquilizing dose of gradualism
real promises.

Times to rise.
Desolate Valley.
Sunlit path.

Sorry!!!!!(technical difficulties)

I'm very aware that it seems as if i've not been doing my homework
But on this, it seems like i have to post things a gazillion times
before it actually shows up on my page!!!
I have to repost, and things will show up a week later!
atleast 2 or 3 days.
So, sorry if this has caused an inconvenience for when either Ms.Galang or Mr. Records looks at my blog!
I guess I just have to post things a bit earlier so that they will show up on time.
For example:
1)My found poem that was put upon Wednesday the 26th or January, but seems to not be on my blog yet.
2) The poem I wrote based on "please don't take my air jordans" was "supposedly" posted on Tuesday the 18th of January, But is still not up! I guess I'm gonna have to repost it again. Bleh. What a pain.
3) The observations on a painting (observations, inferences, and observations) was posted once, and reposted 6 times. And no response. I dod try a different method, and even though it was for last quarter, and it shows up later, it will probably count as of technical difficulties. I cant remember the date, but yes, about two or three... three and a half weeks ago.

If anything else happens I will be sure to report this as soon as possible.
Thank you for (hopefully) understanding.

*I have thought of opening a new blog, so that difficulties won't happen, but, i really don't want to, and changing the format of it, kind of help to speed up the process, but somethings seem to be long lost.... as if i never posted it, or i'd never done it. BUT I REALLY DO DO IT! TRUST ME, PLEASE!
So yes...............
I don't know what else to do.
For now,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finding My thoughts

breathing is hard
especially when near you
even if  you are nothing new

Talking is a disaster
Whenever you are here
I turn everything aside...
and I completely dissapear.

Looking is an obsession
watching you with a deep stare
I feel no wind, no air
can't trun around
i don't want to rely on it
But i'm i'm always space bound

Is this love?
Is this bad?
Is this good?
Is this LIVING?
Anything but this hell.
Nothing I can change.
A dangerous force that I can't control
I just can't stop it.
You just make it
hard for breathing.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Colorless Life

                                                                                 A colorless Life

Bright eyes
Low lights

Let it all combine

In all this there's a cure
a silly soul fixed for sure

Let it all combine

Long life
Shine high
Let the colors bring you alive

Let it all combine
Whatever you do.....
don't don't
don't don't don't
have a

Incident I couldn't... stop.

Walking and walking
And never stopping
feeling the heavy rain on our shoulders.

We stepped aside
and with big pride
He said, "I'll go first."

The idea was premature
And i wasn't so sure
But after all He knew...
He'd been there before.

But Things didn't go well
he tripped and fell
and shattered he looked
and there really wasn't anything to do
just let the sorrow bite in
Because his life now thin....
was on me. And just me.

But this...
this incident....
I couldn't.....stop.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Follow The Leader

You're the drug...
I am a
Bee that sucks in
The Pollen

You're the Fake ID...
I am a
Dirty old and bent
Snapshot; Yet hidden

You are the Liquor...
I am a
Rust door
Difficult to open
Challenging to Close.

You're the Kidnapper...
I am a
 the thief of souls
Pained and Hurt.

Did I follow correctly? CLOSE ENOUGH

By Celina Santin


meaning To meaning
and No understanding
not socially awkward and strange.

meaning To meaning
and No understanding
different points and a type of range

meaning To meaning
and No understanding
always writing with your name

I know it's fine
and it's okay
you show your emotions a different way

I like it all
from beginning to end
you just have a different aim

By Celina Santin

From Deep Inside

So clear, yet so untouchable
Going back to what I used to be.
Not out in the air, but inside be known
And be valued for who I stand to be.

I ignore it all
Even if I know someday...
Things will be that way.

Trying everything along the path
pushing pulling
to get to the top.

From december
To december
I start a new roll.
I play a different character.

I believe in curiousity.
And experimenting.

I know
my capicities
my strengths
my weaknesses.

I learned this:
From deep inside.

By Celina Santin
Sharon Olds in Her younger years
This is the author of a very diverse poem. A poem that is written with some kind of emotion that I can't seem to find. But I can tell she understands. She understands what the girl from the photograph is going through, everything. She explains the photo from many perspectives, helping me get an idea of what it looks like. What it feels like. In my head, she see the girl clearly, I see it in black and white, lifeless colors,but very strong at the same time. Here is the poem:

The girl sits on the hard ground,
the dry pan of Russia, in the drought
of 1921, stunned,
eyes closed, mouth open,
raw hot wind blowing
sand in her face. Hunger and puberty
are taking together. She leans on a sack,
layers of clothes fluttering in the heat,
the new radius of her arm curved.
She cannot be beautiful, but she is
starving. Each day she grows thinner, and her bones
grow longer, porous. The caption says
she is going to starve to death that winter
with millions of others. Deep in her body
the ovaries let out her first eggs,
golden as drops of grain.

This is the poem that is-in my opinion- awkwardly written. But I kinda like it. It has a hard meaning to understand..... but its fine. She creates such a deep meaning and she interprets it in another way that I personally could not expect to "see" from a picture.
When I mean see, I mean find a deep meaning. But that's what you expect from a good poet. to read through the lines, and write what you see. Simple as that.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Eyes & Heart in Poetry

What is poetry?????

Live Life
On the edge of your seat
Look at the world with a passion that can't be beat

Live Life
Like never before
Stay awake
Don't sleep and snore

But in the Middle
I hope you you find
The most extra-Ordinary emotion
A one of a kind

I hope that you find
the urge to
write all day
and to
write all night.

Because when you open
the gates of your
eyes and heart
with a kinfe.....
you'll hear poetry
the simple sound of life ♥

The Starry Night

That does not keep me from having a terrible need og- shall I say the word-religion. Then I go out at night to paint the stars. -Vincent Van Gogh in a letter to his brother


The town does not exist
except where one black-haired tree slips
up like a drowned woman into the hot sky.
The town is silent. The night boils with eleven stars.
Oh starry starry night! This is how
I want to die.

It moves. They are all alive.
Even the moon bulges in its orange irons
 to push children, like a God, from its eye.
The old unseen serpent swallows up the stars.
OH starry starry night! This is how
I want to die:

into that rushing beast of the night,
sucked upby the dragon, to split
from my life with no flag,
no belly,
no cry.

This is a beautifully written poem with similes and metaphors about Van Gogh's painting: The Starry Night. What I like about this poem are the small details that relate you to her life. It shows you about her writing, her feelings, and her opinions. This poem is such a great description of the painting, and you can tell that Anne has a passion for it. But when i started reading this poem, I thought about suicide. Ramon and I made inferences about how she could be really depressed, and it turns out, we were right! And I think that many things in this poem represent that big idea. I thought about this during the lines, "this is how I want to die", "sucked up by that great dragon", and "to split from my life with no flag". For the first qoute, I think she refers back to the first line of her poem, or open thoughts, which is "The town does not exist". To me, the first line means that the town is something impossible. I think she means being too perfect-non-existent. Too quiet- non-existent especially if you live in the city, well, Brooklyn.  And a simple, beatiful view of the stars, and the moon, and the mountains in the back- That, I can count as a fifty percent chance of being existent. For the second quote, I think of the dragon beaing LIFE, and being sucked in by life, meaning that she can't take it anymore. That leads me to another inference Ramon and I had about Anne being depressed, and how it seemed Van-Gogh was depressed-being in an asylum, and how she later on commited suicide made me think that she could really relate to him, and thinking about how she felt like she didn't belong- which is what I read in a book when you are depressed, and how their problems were just simply turned into 1 whole, by this piece of art. And for the third qoute, i think about no forgiveness in the world, and i visualize a flag being taken down after a war, with no victory. Then a picture the flag being all rugged on the ground, and muddy, and stepped on, during a heavy rain. But that's just me. But to leave your life in a way God doesn't want, well, That's just you. And well, this is just my interpretation. There are many other that we came up with in class.