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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wilbur Vs. Charlotte

         As I breezed through some pages in the book Charlotte's Web, there were other pages that I just couldn't do that with. And this was because there seemed to be some magical meaning  that stood out to me . And it was usually when I realized how very different Charlotte and Wilburare, and then how they have things in common. I would listen to them speak, in my mind and visualize, and then I would realize how much I also loved the book and Appreciated it. Since I believe that they are very different, I decided to compare and contrast them.

         Wilbur. He is a very Sensitive and humorous character in the book. He stays put in his own little world of skim milk, doughnut pieces, potato skins, shredded wheats, meat gravy, carrot scrappings, meat scraps, marmalade drippings, between many other things, if i've not mentioned all.  He knows the fierce truth about his life, how he wasn't worth anything, how he was worth alot after, and how he'll end...killed for ham and bacon.

        I Love Charlotte. I admire hers ways, always being incredibly wise, and pretty. I like how she'll base her diet on flies and grasshoppers.How she knows how to face reality, and knows how to live, and feel free. How she's quiet in a good way. She's a true friend, and I would certainly not trade her for anything.
        But while they live their lives, Charlotte is very motherly toward Wilbur. And Wilbur seems to like that. Since Fern used to do it too, it's something he's used to. Charlotte's ways with Wilbur reminded me of a line on pg. 11 if the book.
 "Every day was a happy day, and every night was peaceful"
I think it would also apply to Wilbur and Charlotte's friendship, since they both were lonely before, but were united for GOOD.